Body transformation coach J. Lopez was born in San Francisco, California and raised in Atlanta, GA. As a young adult he joined the U.S. Navy, serving 4 years and 2 deployments in the Persian Gulf. His time in the Navy introduced him to the discipline and training required to be physically and mentally fit.

Prior to obtaining his Personal Training/Nutrition Specialist Certification in 2015, J. Lopez began his journey into personal training and fitness coaching. Continuing his discipline and training of being physically and mentally fit, he transitioned to working independently at a non-commercial gym for close to a year. He then transitioned into fitness sales for a multi-billion-dollar health club.

Although, he gained experience into personal training during his time at the commercial and non-commercial gyms, he felt his true talent and potential was not being utilized by his team to the fullest extent. His decision to quit his 9-5 and invest in mentorship from notable fitness professionals motivated him to create The Basement Gym. The Basement Gym is an invite-only private space where entrepreneurs are focused on completing results-driven workouts without distractions during his 90 Day Body Transformation program.